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Roach Killer Singer Mohammad Qattali is taking the Dubai Music Industry by storm

Roach Killer Singer Mohammad Qattali is taking the Dubai Music Industry by storm

Mohammad Qattali, is a rapper and artist best known for his unique singing style. The Dubai based singer has written and recorded several songs in English and Arabic.

His love for modern rock and the old classics can be seen in his compositions which have earn him name and fame in the music industry.

The bi-lingual song artist is a well-known composer and the vocalist across Dubai. Qattali had started to exhibit his musical abilities at an early age. His knack for musical experiments; fusing entirely different formats and breaking musical barriers, gave us ‘Roach Killer,’ which catapulted him to fame.

Spending most of his time working on new materials, producing an album, and a couple of singles, Qattali always keeps himself busy and learns new things in the process. The singer and song-writer who started off his journey from an amateur rapper, has now established himself internationally. His quest to learn and grow has taught him one or two new music production software.

A Well-known composer and a top notch rapper, Mohammad Qattali enjoys a huge fanbase with over 65k followers on Instagram. Qattali is also a verified artist on Spotify where his fans prefer to enjoy listening to him on their playlist.

Mohammad Qattali’s musics are a delight to ears. Standing out in this cut throat competition Qattali stands out with his unique compositions that have depth and emotions that come out best with his comforting and soothing music.

This has been a busy year for Qattali as he recently launched his ‘Wallah Abu Dhabi’ song that is trending like crazy on music platforms like Spotify.

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