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Nakhla Singer Payam Honari is taking the music industry by storm

Nakhla Singer Payam Honari is taking the music industry by storm

A singer, an artist, an entrepreneur, Payam Abdolaziz Honari has proved himself in so many fields. The multifaceted man has earned a name, a reputation for himself in the world of music industry. With his mesmerising voice the rising singer has accomplished a distinguished place for himself with hits like; ‘Qehwa’, ‘Aiwa Aiwa’, ‘Emarati’, ‘Fin Fun’ among so many others.

Payam Abdolaziz Honari or popularly known as Payam Honari in the world of music, has given Arabic music a new dimension with his unique style. His love for music was obvious from his childhood days as he started to exhibit the hidden talent at an early age.

It was in 2018 when Honari released his first single ‘Qehwa’ that got famous real quick and in no time it was trending on music platforms like Spotify. After that there was no coming back for Honari as he gave his second hit ‘Emarati’ and made his way as one of the UAE’s top musical talents. As a professional singer he released his third official single, ‘Fin Kun’ in 2020. This song became the milestone of his music career which made him an household name in UAE.

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The multitalented artist, Honari is also a sportsman and loves boxing whenever he gets time from working on new projects. As a professional musician Honari can play many instruments. He enjoys a decent fan base on Instagram with around 679 followers, which is still growing.

The youth icon, Payam Abdolaziz Honari, has given hits like ‘Aiwa Aiwa’ (2020), ‘Fin Fun’ (2020), ‘Emarati’ (2019), ‘Qehwa’ (2018).

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