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Dil Chura Liya Singer Sabir Shaikh is the latest sensation in music world

Dil Chura Liya Singer Sabir Shaikh is the latest music sensation

One of the most daunting tasks as an independent singer is to build a true, organic fan base. Capturing the hearts of many, this young lad from Gujarat has mastered the art of nurturing his own loyal fan base across the world.

Influencer and singer, Sabir Shaikh started his journey years earlier on ‘DistroKid’ – only managing to generate several thousand listeners despite building a solid overall following. Sabir’s reputation has grown significantly since then, now sitting at more than 21.8 thousand followers on his personal Instagram handle. However, Sabir Shaikh’s talents go far beyond as an artist.

Aside from being a singer and lyricist Sabir also has a passion for acting. He has acted in movies like ‘Wassup Zindagi’ (Gujrati Movie). He has also featured in a song ‘Agar tum na hote’ produced by Pehchan Music, which has over 4 million views on YouTube.

Inspired by watching the trajectory of other big-time artists like Justin Bieber, this Gujarat based rapper knew he wanted to pursue a career in music but had limited access to resources early on. Making the transition from being an unprofessional singer to relevance in the music industry hasn’t been easy for Sabir.

Initially, he just released covers to feel out his audience. He then worked on his sound as an original artist for over a year before releasing anything for his fans, making his debut to all major streaming platforms earlier this year with the singles; ‘Miss Universe Lagdi’, ‘Dil Chura Liya’. These two alone streamed like crazy across all platforms in the months following its release.

Sabir captured the hearts and ears of millions of music lovers with his hit singles like; ‘Miss Universe Lagdi’ (2020), ‘Dil Chura Liya’ (2019), ‘Tera Kala Suit’ (2018), ‘Arsa’ (2017) which are available on online music streaming platform, Spotify.

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