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Human Qureshi is addicted to working out says its a lot of fun.

Human Qureshi is addicted to working out says its a lot of fun.

Mumbai: Actress Huma Qureshi says she began working work during Leila’s shoots but hasn’t quit the training yet since she started enjoying it.

Huma interacted with the media at the launch of jewellery brand Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers – ForeverMark diamond collection here on Wednesday.

Huma Qureshi recently shared a crazy intense workout video on her Instagram account. When asked about the intense and painful workout, and if she is training for something special she said, “No… Actually, I started training at the time I started shooting for Leila. It’s a Netflix show which will go on air in June. I feel working out is very addictive.

So when you do it, it gives you a lot fun and, then, you don’t want to let go of it. The shooting of Leila has been completed but despite that I am really enjoying training in a gym.” she added.

The Netflix series is six-episode long. The dystopian work of fiction is set in the near future and follows the journey of Shalini, a mother in search of her daughter Leila whom she lost during a tragic summer.

The actress in the video on Instagram can be seen in performing wide squats with heavy weights. She captioned the image as, “Today I did something I had never done before .. or thought I could do.. Doing 120 lbs in total .. @rakeshudiyar killing me and how !!! Wait for the end of the video … and my priceless expression of pain 🤪🤣 Main Kabhi Biryani Nahin Kaaungi 🙈#train #hard #prettygirlslift#traindirtyeatclean #beastmode#strong


Talking about the video she added, “I train with my trainer Rakesh and nowadays he is making me do a lot physical training but I am enjoying it. In the next few weeks, the more painful ones will come out through my social media account.”

Qureshi said Leila’s trailer will be out soon and the show directed by Deepa Mehta will air on the digital platform Netflix on 14th June.


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