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Inspiring And  Encouraging Indian Girls To Embrace And Discover Their Inner-Self Through Travel Says Gazal Garg

Inspiring And Encouraging Indian Girls To Embrace And Discover Their Inner-Self Through Travel Says Gazal Garg

Mumbai: Young, bright and beautiful Gazal Garg has a heart of gold and soul of a gypsy, says she is working on content that aims to inspire and encourage Indian girls to embrace their true and inner self.

With an amazing academic track record and a high profile job, which might have satisfied the needs of many, but Gazal had different plans. She wanted to purse her dreams of traveling and explore the world.

An avid travel blogger and influencer with a substantial fan following, Gazal Garg got candid about her life and future plans with News Helpline.

Talking about her journey, Gazal said, “I was an outstanding student in academics and extra-curricular activities, but ever since I could remember, I’d wanted to be a travel show host. I hail from a family of consultants, so MBA and big fat pay were the norms and I’d followed it. But my true calling has always been travel. And one fine day, I’d decided to give my dream and passion priority. Like the old saying goes, jobs fill your pockets, adventure fill your soul”

Gazal has done popular and viral tours of the Philippines, Cyprus, London, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, and more. Her domestic travel videos and Vlog are incredibly popular as well.

Talking about her plans post-pandemic, Gazal said, “After 2020, I don’t think making long term plans are recommended, but I hope I get to visit Japan for the Cherry Blossom Season in April. But this time around, I am more inclined towards domestic travel. India is a beautiful country and I plan to notch-up my local exploits with certain themes I am developing, especially the empowerment theme”

“Encouraging people to travel alone, especially girls, and discover their true-self. Another thing I am working on is to encourage females to embrace their selves, I talk a lot of embracing our brown skin. Indian girl grow up with the stigma of brown skin, I really want girls to celebrate their skin color, roots, culture and heritage. So themes would be empowerment, embracing ourselves and chasing our dreams” said Gazal about her future plans.

Gazal is grounded in her belief system and certainly isn’t wavering from her core objective, despite the fame. She said, “Insta-fame is not something which one should take seriously, working on content responsibly is something I believe in; I’d make and work on content, which I truly and honestly believe in, I would never go against my core belief system”

Adding to her travel, Gazal believe that traveling across the world has made her a better and accepting person. She said, “Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. I am a lot more accepting of people, cultures and opinions. I am lot more tolerant and to be honest, a lot less judgemental”

Some of the brands such as Master Card, Go pro, Google, Skillshare, Square Space Doodlage, House of Sunny, and Bhane are constantly collaborating with Gazal, making her the most sought-after content creators at the moment.


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