Triumph Unveiled 2019 Collection at its Glamorous 11th Annual Fashion Show

Triumph Unveiled 2019 Collection at its Glamorous 11th Annual Fashion Show

*Functionality meets sophisticated fashion in delicately sculpted lingerie from Triumph

Panaji, Goa: Triumph International (India), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lingerie unveiled its 2019 collection for brand ‘Triumph’ and its sportswear brand ‘Triaction’ at the 11th Annual Triumph Fashion Show. The mega fashion show saw stunning models sashaying down the runway in all their glory, giving the audience an extravagant display of the brand’s new collections at Park Regis, Goa.

The fashion show featured the unique 2019 product line-up of brand Triumph. Guests applauded the stunning creations presented on stage with a special focus on the globally bestselling Amourette Spotlight and Sexy Angel Spotlight series featuring with delicate floral embroidery, the adorable Lovely Micro Lace with gorgeous lace back and the delicate lace design of the Lace Spotlight series. Not to mention new additions to Beauty-full range of bras for larger cups, like the Aqua Lily Spacer and the Beauty-full Essential series with smooth satin and feminine lace. New additions to the ever-popular Minimizer range included the new Flower Minimizer with its soft feel and trendy floral print and the Modern Finesse Minimizer, all of which were showcased at the fashion show. The star of the show was the Infinite Sensation series, with diamond mesh and bold-striped elastic trim for a contemporary twist.

For Triaction, the 2019 lineup included globally bestselling styles, Magic Motion, Hybrid Lite, Extreme Lite and Free Motion in new colours. They also launched a new style in the Dynamic Lite series – the Control Lite sports bra. This Cardo bra offers extreme support without the bulk and offers 78% bounce control with its 3D Powertech Innovation. Boasting superior bounce control, versatile fits and remarkable comfort, Triaction supports women effortlessly throughout the day—on the go from the gym or studio in complete style.



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