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Top E Buzz Movie Review – Romeo Akbar Walter | John Abraham, Mouni Roy

Top E Buzz Movie Review - Romeo Akbar Walter | John Abraham, Mouni Roy

Film – Romeo Akbar Walter

Cast – John Abraham, Mouni Roy, Jackie Shroff, Sikandar Kher

Director – Robby Grewal

Mumbai: John Abraham is has shown remarkable grit and restraint in his portrayal of a man with many names, faces and shades.

From a young brut to subtle spy with a keen and sharp mind, which is always working and looking for a way out, the tension in the film is like live wire and it definitely hits those raw nerves that all patriotic drama avoids. John has gone beyond the flag-waving to look at the anguished solitude of a man who sacrificed his life in order to save many others.

John is very good at portraying a loner. His face suggests the stoicism and unspoken grief of a man who has zero expectations from life, yet he romances, sings and try to portray a life without actually living it.

Mouni Roy adds a bit of style, glamour and romance, in otherwise blood and gore ride. She is getting better with her every performance.

The sensibleness and wisdom in the film and spy-craft is just little simple, but the time frame this movie is set, didn’t require much of gadgets but only heart!

In 1971, Pakistan was on the cusp of splitting into two halves, the birth of Bangladesh silhouettes much of the action in RAW.  The action is this film is not over the top, it is brutal and grotesque. After seeing a torture scene you will never be able to listen to the beloved “Nani teri morni ko more le gayi” as a children’s song.

Sikander Kher, the brutal and menacing Pakistani colonel, he exudes a kind of unfettered sadism which just needs a little trigger. He plays the dangerous man with a snide swagger. He is just brilliant with local lingo poignantly in the place.

Jackie Shroff plays the role of the “RAW;” chief, who make do with whatever he has got, often speaks in metaphors that are meant to hide his deeper understanding ot system and life.

Rajesh Shringarpure as Shroff’s right-hand man, definitely shines at places, and actress Suchitra Krishanmoorthy is interesting as a double-dealing newspaper editor. Veteran actor Raghuveer Yadav plays the role of Pakistani spying for India.

Anil George plays a mighty arms dealer from Pakistan, who takes the Indian spy under his wings and finally, Alka Ameen as John Abraham’s abandoned mother, leave a lingering impact.

Robby Grewal took his time with the narrative he wanted to build and execute it with any apology, definitely strikes a chord with audience.

‘RAW’ is real and does tell a gripping tale!


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