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Irani talent Shahrokh Kiavash raising the bar with his good music

Irani talent Shahrokh Kiavash raising the bar with his good music

The rising star, Shahrokh Kiavash has given Iranian pop a new dimension with his unique style. Born on January 5, 1987 in Tehran, Iran, Shahrokh was a child prodigy and started to exhibit his musical talent at an early age.

Though, Shahrokh love for music was obvious from his childhood days but it was at age 26 he officially stepped into the world of music and production. It was in 2013 when Shahrokh started his musical activities and released a number of songs.

After the huge success of his first track, he wholly dedicated himself to the craft and with time he became musical sensation. From an ordinary man Shahrokh became a celebrated singer and his fame started to soar as more and more of his songs started to hit the music charts, shattering all the records. His songs got him a reputation in music industry and in no time Shahrokh became an household name in Iran. With all this fame and love, Shahrokh, enjoys a huge fan base on Instagram with around 1.5 million followers.

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Even though he dedicated his heart to the music but he still takes some time out for his second love, acting. Multifaceted artist, Shahrokh is also an actor and loves to work on his craft whenever he gets time from creating new albums. As a professional musician Shahrokh can play many instruments, write lyrics and also helps in production work from the start to create a marvel.

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