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Akhil Sachdeva’s reprised version of ‘Tera ban jaunga’ from Kabir Singh out now!

Akhil Sachdeva’s reprised version of 'Tera ban jaunga' from Kabir Singh out now!
Akhil Sachdeva’s reprised version of 'Tera ban jaunga' from Kabir Singh out now!

Mumbai: The stupendous run of Kabir Singh at the box office and the success of its melodious music continuous unabated. Bhushan Kumar of T-Series has today released the reprised version of Tera Ban Jaunga, the hugely popular anthem of love from Kabir Singh.

Written and composed by its original singer Akhil Sachdeva, in this Tera Ban Jaunga version, the singer can be seen having fun with the original song in his own inimitable style. You got to see the video directed by Luv R. Isrrani to believe it. Akhil, in a very light way, adds an understated dramatic element to the otherwise original intense love song. With music produced and arranged by Vaibhav Pani, mixed and mastered by Aditya Dev, the subtly colourful backdrop against which this version is set aids in giving it a fresh vibe.

Speaking about the experience an elated Akhil says, “The instrumentation and the tonality of the whole sound which my friend Vaibhav Pani has given to this song makes it different. So it becomes a new song altogether. This is Tera Ban Jaunga with the same soul but a different arrangement. There is a lot of freshness in the song and I would say it’s going to be more soul-stirring. We shot the song at a location two-an-half hours away from Mumbai but it felt like you were shooting in Greece or some location abroad”.

The singer-composer-lyricist adds, “I am very positive and confident that this version of Tera Ban Jaunga will receive the same amount of love as the film version. I just want it to reach every one. I think people deserve to get it more than I deserve to give it to people. People have given so much love to the original version. I think they will expect the same best out of me in the reprised version. I am very excited and confident that I will receive probably bigger love for this version.”

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