Singer-lyricist Mohammad Nikoomanesh is winning hearts across the globe

Singer-lyricist Mohammad Nikoomanesh is winning hearts across the globe

Iranian music is reaching the global audience through talents like Mohammad Nikoomanesh. Famous by professional name, Mniko14, Mohammad Nikoomanesh is building a true, organic fan base with his record labels-that are shattering music charts every day.

The secret to Mniko14’s success is not just his magical voice, that distinguishes him from rest of his contemporaries but also his understanding of the power of social media and digital platforms in this ever-changing cultural milieu that has shot him up to top. A musician needs to sell tickets for their shows, and in order to do so, they need to have a strong presence online. Without that, it’s nearly impossible to gain traction, especially in today’s digital era.

Nikoomanesh’s presence on music platforms like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple music, Amazon music, Shazam and Deezer have added to his popularity around the globe. But popular social media sites like, Instagram, have also favoured Mniko14, as the young rapper enjoys a huge entourage of over 313k followers on the video sharing app.

Spending most of his time working on new materials, producing an album, and a couple of singles, Nikoomanesh, always keeps himself busy and learns new things in the process. The singer and song-writer who started off his journey from an amateur rapper, has now established himself internationally.

The man with magical voice, Mohammad Nikoomanesh, is unquestionably one of the finest rock stars in the music industry. He not only sings and raps but has an impeccable sense of writing. His lyrics comes from his heart. Some of his songs that saw a massive success on the music charts available on music platforms are:


Payan Man




Well-known composer and a top notch rapper, Nikoomanesh, is best known for his unique singing style and with time his reputation as an artist has also grown significantly.

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