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Game of Thrones suffers from another leak for season 8

Noida: Game of Thrones final season is about to air in 3 weeks on HBO while the fans get hit my a episode leak.

A YouTuber named Frikidoctor had uploaded the entirety of Season 8, Episode 1 on the sharing platform. HBO quickly managed to get the video on the platform but not soon enough.

Viewers noted all the plot points and share it on Reddit. The HBO hit series has faced problems like leaks and piracy since last year. Where the episodes had been aired for ransom by a team of hackers.

The previous season aired two years ago in 2017 and fans have been waiting for the new episodes but are unhappy with the leaks. Twitter users shared their disappointment saying, “I didn’t wait two years to get a plot leak weeks ago,” while another wrote, “do not share any plot leaks I am ready to fight!

The number of episodes are 6 in the finale season as compared to season 7 that cause seven episodes. The show will air on HBO from 14th April.


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