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Coolberg – India’s first Crafted Zero Alcohol Beer

Coolberg - India’s first Crafted Zero Alcohol Beer

Mumbai: In the league of innovative consumer brand, Mumbai based company Coolberg Beverages Private Limited is serving India’s first Crafted Zero Alcohol beer with the brand name ‘Coolberg’.

Coolberg is disrupting all traditional choices of non-alcoholic beverages and provides completely new choices for consumers which includes Malt Beer which taste like beer but without alcohol and other crafted variants such as Cranberry, Peach, Ginger, Strawberry and Mint.

“Coolberg is a millennial’s brand which resonates celebrations, style and a cool attitude. It is crafted to provide perfect taste, texture and aroma along with young and playful packaging” said Pankaj Aswani founder of Coolberg. “It is not a replacement for a regular beer instead it is complementary product and can be consumed on any occasion”

Coolberg Zero Alcohol Beers are brewed following the unique recipe and process and are completely free from alcohol. Making beer taste good without alcohol is challenging. Fermenting yeast naturally produces alcohol, which helps give beer its flavor. The main techniques to make non-alcoholic beer are to prevent yeast from producing alcohol or to remove alcohol at the end.

Coolberg’s Malt Beer is significantly low on calories than any other regular soft drink beverage and is a healthier option for millennials. It also offers non-drinkers a new experience when they are socialising with friends and looking for a more grown-up alternative to the soft drink and juice options available in the market.

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