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Ace comedian Serna Amini is the new humour queen

Ace comedian Serna Amini is the new humour queen

Even though there are hundred of comedy contents available on the internet, yet very few names have made it to the list of best entertainers. Leaving people in split with her amazing humour and acting skills, Serna Amini has definitely earned for herself a distinguishable place in the entertainment world.

The 28-year-old Iranian woman is famous for her funny videos with different subjects which are very relatable and funny and are spun around new ideas. What makes her videos different from others is the central idea of her stories through which she makes fun of old and orthodox customs in comparison to the modern Iran. In most of her videos she acts as a modern girl and sometimes old-fashioned girl whereas other times as an old woman, a young woman or man of different ages.

A hardworking momma, Serna some times features her cute little boy in her videos. The mother-kid duo is indeed a treat to watch and her fans keep on asking for more. It is her relatable content, that has earned her a huge fan following, that is growing huge with time.

Serna’s sense of humour has attracted over 6 million followers on Instagram and 111,000 subscribers on YouTube. She is a successful woman and her success is depicted by the number of my followers and subscribers she has got, who keep on encouraging and supporting her. Her fans are so much into her videos that they may watch her videos over and over again as if it is the first time they are watching it. Her each video gets views more and a million. With such a huge entourage and fandom, Serna has been categorised as one of the most talented woman in Iran.

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