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Top E Buzz Movie Review – Junglee | Vidyut Jammwal, Pooja Sawant

Top E Buzz Movie Review - Junglee | Vidyut Jammwal, Pooja Sawant

Cast – Vidyut Jammwal, Pooja Sawant,  Asha Bhat,  Makarand Deshpande,  Atul Kulkarni, Akshay Oberoi, Thalaivasal Vijay

Director – Chuck Russell

Mumbai: Right off the bad, it is Vidyut Jammwal movie all the way! The man possesses some evil action streak and there is nothing he cannot do! The movie chronicles a bond between an elephant and his care-taker!

Elephants are being poached for their tusks as they are saved by Raj (Vidyut Jammwal), he is a vet living in Mumbai and visits his hometown to see his father although he inevitably gets involved with poachers and fights for the survival of the elephants.

The movie marks the Bollywood debut of celebrate Hollywood filmmaker Chuck Russell, so one would expect a lot for the action-drama, and it does deliver, at least on the action level. The film comes with a social relevant issue, Poaching of Wild Life, in this film, it is elephant. Other than some story glitches and poor atheistic, the film is high on action and Vidyut is known for it! He introduces an animal flow style of combat in the film.

The narrative is simple and to the point, the filmmaker intentionally kept the story without any sub-text, the dialogues aren’t heavy neither the music is too loud!

The film does entertainment the audience and allows you to ponder about serious issue of wildlife conservation.

Chuck definitely utilized Vidyut as he could, action sequences and fighting are never before seen, other than movie offers nothing new. The film offers a social message with a clean movie, which is something parents wants to their kids!


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