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Dobare Gham Singer Amin Ara gives new definition to Iranian Music

Dobare Gham Singer Amin Ara gives new definition to Iranian Music

Mohammad Amin Ebrahimi or popularly known as Amin Ara in the world of music, has given Iranian pop a new dimension with his unique style. Born on February 12, 1991, in Shahroud, Iran, Amin was among the very few kids who show their talent at an early age. His love for music was obvious from his childhood days and at age 5 he started to sing.

It was in 2013 when Amin Ara started his musical activities under the name Mohammad Amin Ebrahimi and released a number of songs, the first of which was a romantic song ‘Hes Haye Asheghaneh’. After that around 2017, he wholly dedicated himself to the craft and in May 2018, as a professional singer he released his first licensed song, ‘Eshghat’ (Your Love). This song became the milestone of his music career which make Amin an household name in Iran.

Even though he dedicated his heart to the music but he still put education on priority and completed his Bachelor’s degree in manufacturing and production engineering. As in his own words, Amin’s main source of inspiration for music is Shadmehr Aghili, whom he calls master.

Multifaceted artist, Amin is also a sportsman and loves horse riding whenever he gets time from creating new albums. As a professional musician Amin is master at playing Guitar, Piano and Percussion among many other instruments. Amin enjoys a huge fan base on Instagram with around 249k followers.

However, there is not much information available about his family but according to some, he has an older sister and an older brother.

Amin Ara has given songs like ‘Eshghat’ (Your Love), ‘Dobare Gham’ (Sadness Again), ‘Del Del’ (Heart Heart), ‘Nafas Nafas’ (Breath Breath), ‘Bas Kon’ (Stop It), ‘Heif’ (It’s a Pitty), ‘Sanieh’ (Second), ‘Eshghe Khosh Ghalbam’ (My Kind-hearted Love), ‘Tavalod’ (Birthday), ‘Dastkhosh’ (Goodhand)and ‘Ba Mazze’ (Funny) among many others.

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