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Backed By Popular Demand, Smule iDiva 123 Riyaaz Returns With ‘Wild Card’ Week

New Delhi: We asked for it and the show creators of Smule iDiva ‘1, 2, 3… Riyaaz’ obliged! India’s first digital-only musical reality is back with a follow-up challenge for those still dealing with the FOMO of missing out the chance to “Gao. Chha jao.” the first time around. Presenting the Smule iDiva ‘1, 2, 3… Riyaaz’ WILD CARD CONTEST where the winners not only get a chance to star in an original music video with internet phenomenon Kusha Kapila, Punjabi Pop Star Jassie Gill and the singing sensation Lisa Mishra; but also win a brand new phone!

In the past 12 weeks, with 12 scintillating challenges, Smule iDiva ‘1, 2, 3… Riyaaz’ found home in the hearts of the music fans of the nation – giving them the chance to croon and win weekly challenges from home. And why not? The digital-only format, the unrestricted number of submissions, the pride of belonging to your mentor’s tribe, coupled with the chance to show off your singing mettle was an entertaining way to get through the lockdown. The nation saw and responded in kind with thousands of entries pouring in and as the finale challenge drew close, the craze grew with it. With 14th June being the last date for entries, the show saw unprecedented engagement and a growing longing for more.

Thus, starting 19th June, the show opens its arms to a new wave of fans, offering bigger stakes and consequently bigger wins. This time, participants will get to participate in older challenges on the Smule app; upload their entries on their Instagram accounts – tag #123Riyaaz @idivaofficial and @smulein and simply get maximum likes, comments, and views on their entry by 25th June midnight. Top 3 contenders get the best of both worlds – the chance to feature in a bona fide original music video & a brand new phone!

The best part is that instead of being restricted to sing a defined song, music lovers can choose from the complete roster of soulful songs from the show, presented by the official music partner, Zee Music Company. Instead of being selected by the mentors, participants get to have their community of social peers engage with their uploaded video to maximize their chances of winning. Besides, having a brand new phone as an additional win is sure to excite Riyaaz fans everywhere!

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