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How much money these celebrities make through Instagram! Check

Noida: Instagram has become one of the most preferred social media platforms over the years with most of the Indian as well as international celebs using it more frequently than other major social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

But there are many people on Instagram who are earning millions by just making some promotional posts.

Most of the biggest as well as smaller brands are using Instagram as an effective marketing tool and the famous celebrities are their favourite choice to make their brand and products popular among the masses.

For the same, the celebs charge whopping sum of money from the brands and make promotional posts. Here is the list of such celebrities who are earning millions through Instagram:

1-Kevin Hart (American Comedian Actor)

The American actor has quickly topped the charts among the best comedians in Hollywood and his success is also visible on Instagram where he charges a huge amount for each promotional post.

Followers – 57.8 million

Fees per promotional post – Rs 6.4 crore

2-Selena Gomez (American Singer Actress)

The singer-cum-actress is the most followed celebrity on the photo-sharing website and is also one of the most sought-after celebrities by the top brands across the globe.

Followers – 135 million

Fees per promotional post – Rs 3.5 crore

3-Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese Professional Footballer and a member of Spanish Club Real Madrid)

The Portuguese professional footballer has been at the top of the soccer world over the years and his popularity has only increased while representing Real Madrid. He is loved by millions of people around the world and this reason also makes him the favourite sports personality of the leading brands.

Followers – 123 million

Fees per promotional post – Rs 3.2 crore

4-Kim Kardashian (American Reality TV Personality)

Kim is one of the most followed TV personalities across the world and her fashion sense also keeps her among the headlines. Her popularity makes her one of the most sought-after celebs on Instagram also where she charges a hefty amount for brand promotion.

Followers – 109 million

Fees per promotional post – Rs 3.2 crore

5-Virat Kohli (Indian International Cricketer)

The Indian Cricket team captain has the ability to turn sand into gold with just his touch and his career graph has only peaked over the years. Despite being a cricketer and not a footballer, he is one of the most loved and most talked about sports personalities in the world.

Followers – 20 million

Fees per promotional post – Rs 3.2 crore

6-Kendall Jenner (American Supermodel and TV Personality)

The supermodel not only has a gorgeous face but a seductive figure which makes her one of the most desirable girls in the world. Her posts become viral over the internet within minutes and this capability of her Instagram handle is fetching her millions.

Followers – 89.1 million

Fees per promotional post – Rs 1.6 crore

7-Kylie Jenner (American Model and TV Personality)

Despite being the youngest in the Kardashian-Jenner family, the supermodel has made a place for herself in the industry. Not only from her contracts, she is making millions through her Instagram posts also.

Followers – 106 million

Fees per promotional post – Rs 1.2 crore

8-Khloe Kardashian (American TV Personality and Model)

An important member of the reality TV show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, Khloe is pregnant these days, but her social media followers are still being treated with seductive pictures. Her popularity on social platforms is also helping her in making huge money through promotional posts on Instagram.

Followers – 74.2 million

Fees per promotional post – Rs 1.6 crore

9-Kourtney Kardashian (American TV Personality)

The 38-year-old Kardashian family member is also having a great time on internet making a huge sum of money for her promotional posts.

Followers – 61.8 million

Fees per promotional post – Rs 1.6 crore

10-Cara Delevingne (English Model and Actress)

The only English celebrity in the list is famous for her roles in movies like ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Life In A Year’ and many more. The actress who has beautiful pair of eyes is amazingly popular on Instagram and is making a good amount of money through brand promotions on the photo-sharing platform.

Followers – 41.1 million

Fees per promotional post – Rs 96 lakhs

11-Gigi Hadid (American Model)

The 22-year-old American model not only has a great figure but has been blessed with a beautiful face. Her seductiveness has helped her develop a huge fan following which helps her in making a healthy amount of money on Instagram.

Followers – 39.1 million

Fees per promotional post – Rs 76 lakh

12-Anna Kendrick (American Actress Singer)

The ‘Pitch Perfect’ 32-year-old actress has established herself as one of the finest actresses in Hollywood. Her popularity among her fans is only growing with each passing film and this makes her a big money making celebrity on Instagram as well.

Followers – 13.7 million

Fees per promotional post – Rs 64 lakhs



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