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Why do Cricket commentators use funny hand-held microphones? Know now!

Why do Cricket commentators use funny hand-held microphones? Know now!

Noida: If you are also a Cricket lover like me, you must have noticed the commentators using a funny yet unique kind of microphone that is usually not seen anywhere else, unless it is a sporting event.

If you also have or had a desire to know about these microphones, this blog is specially meant for you.

These microphones are called ‘lip mics’ or ‘lip-ribbon microphones’ or ‘commentator’s lip microphones’. These type of mics were originally designed by BBC in the 1930s.

You would be wondering, what is so special about these mics or why were these designed this way? Read on to know!

The most unique quality of these microphones is that they only pick the sound that is generated in front of them while the noise that comes from other sides is completely ignored, hence, producing clear voice of the commentators.

The cover on the mic makes sure that the commentator’s mouth is in the correct position and at the right distance from the microphone for clear commentating. It also prevents the nasal air from generating any type of sound.

Use of such microphones becomes extremely important to report the events like Cricket matches, MMA fights, Formula1 racing or other sporting events where people gather in large numbers to cheer for their favourite teams or players.

Imagine an India vs Pakistan Cricket match, a fully loaded audience stand, and extremely loud noise coming from every corner of the stadium everytime a boundary is hit or a wicket is taken. In such condition, if the commentators will use normal mics, it will become impossible for the television audience to understand what they want to convey.

So, now you also know why the Cricket commentators use these type of microphones instead of normal ones.

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