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Nine steps that will make you lose 30 kgs in a year

Noida: A big fat tummy is the biggest health issue faced by the people around the world. We all have no control on junk foods. No matter how much we decide to not to consume snacks but their yummilicious taste makes us crave for them.

As a result, we gain fat and later we cry to become slim and a girl/boy with a flat stomach.

Well, it is not so tough to maintain your figure, all you need is a dedication towards losing weight.

Here, we have brought few tricks which will definitely help you to lose weight if you implement them without cheating:

  1. Take the stairs. Never ever use shortcuts.
  2. Exercise control over what you are eating.
  3. Sweat is good.
  4. Avoid everything white – white bread, maida, milk, salt, rice, and sugar. Replace with steamed, grilled green vegetables and fish with olive oil. Avoid aerated, packaged drinks and junk food. Avoid everything that comes out of a packet.
  5. If you have increased the quality of the food that goes into your body and reduced the quantity, ensure to have food in every two hours.
  6. Invest in your health – treat your body like it’s your best friend, respect it, love it, adore it.
  7. Be inspired – inspiration comes from within.
  8. Be a teetotaler and avoid anything addictive. Try to replace tea and coffee with green tea.
  9. Use your ego as a positive trait to stay fit.



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