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Ajay is perfect he never makes any mistakes: Kajol

Mumbai: Kajol was present at a press conference held by Lifebuoy for their Help a Child Reach 5 campaign on Wednesday. During media interaction she talked about her experience raising kids and playfully said, Ajay is perfect he never makes any mistakes.

When asked how does she and Ajay Devgan react to being caught doing something wrong by their kids she said, “If I am wrong and they catch it then I apologize and rectify it. Ajay Devgan is perfect he never makes any mistakes (laughs). He has an OCD when it comes to cleanliness. He keeps washing his hands over and over again. He is very conscious about it and keeps telling us to keep things clean too.”

Kajol who is the ambassador of Help a Child Reach 5 announced young Handwashing Heroes at the event, when asked if she was a girl scout when younger she said, “I was not a girl scout at all. I actually don’t know if I was a good child but in my childhood like now kids go for trips and visits I too used to travel a lot with friends, we had a girls gang  but we were not girl scouts.”

The actress also spoke about the tactics she used as a mother to teach her kids the necessary cleanliness manners, she said the best thing to do it reason with them, “A little by scolding them a little by showering them with love, by explaining or talking to them. but the most important thing is to explain things to them. the first thing every child will ask is why? I think we should give them as much knowledge as possible by explaining things to them. if we tell them what to do and not to do they might not use it in life but if we explain it to them, again and again, they will keep it in their mind forever.”

Hindustan Unilever Limited health soap Brand announced a new initiative to empower girls to make a difference in their own communities through a partnership with the world association of girls guides and girl scouts.

Kajol Introduced the young girl guides who will be handwashing heroes and spread the message of handwashing to cover 4 million people help prevent illness.




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